Align with Period 9 Frequency 


This Mastermind offers  4 x LIVE sessions PLUS you will have me for 4 entire weeks alongside you when it comes to aligning the energy of a property. 🏡

It is the extension of my signature online course - Feng Shui for Buyers & Renters.

Feeling the magnitude of the Period 9 energy, I want to extend this to anyone who wishes to tap into the Period 9 energy portal and create alignment within their home, using the key principles taught in the online course.  

This Mastermind is for you if you plan to:

For every module delivered in the course portal, there is a LIVE deepening session for the group to come together where there is an opportunity for live mentoring and dive into your personal circumstance.

As a group, we will practise and review on real house examples and floor plans.

We will focus on key strategies on to comply with the Period 9 energy.

Remember, you don’t need to be an expert in Feng Shui in order to ‘make an expert decision.’

You simply plug into the knowledge I learned and practised for more than a decade. And once you learn the strategy, it will serve you for the years to come.

This Mastermind is here to anchor you into a conscious decision with both Feng Shui knowledge and energetic attunement.

And that is what I’m here for during this 4-week journey.  


4-week Group Experience

  • An intimate 4-week high-touch Mastermind group.

  • Limited spots only.

  • We work closely and intimately to build your knowledge & form your strategies on how to move closer to your goal from a place of ease, pleasure, magnetism and power.

  • You will have full access to the course portal of Feng Shui for Buyers and Renters (valued at $388 USD)

  • Total of 4 x live group Zoom calls where I teach, guide and activate you to tune in the frequency of Period 9 when aligning the energy of a property.

  • Rolling support in between calls via email with advice + mentorship guidance on the most practical level




What other Mastermind students are saying...

“My favorite part is being able to ask you questions in the live classes, together with the other like-minded people. It has been so beneficial and impactful towards my personal journey especially with my health. I started to see the deeper connection of everything ...I would encourage anyone that is undecided to join because it will open your eyes to a new way of seeing things that you didn't realise and you will see the synchronicities in everything around you”

“Thank you so much for creating a beautiful and beneficial course. The course material was well organised and beautifully presented. The live sessions were delightfully interactive and filled with treasures and I loved how you focused on energy. I learnt so much and I am very grateful that I did this course. It was such a gift” 

“My favorite part of the Feng Shui for Buyers & Renters Mastermind was the Bagua and Missing Sectors. It amazed me how important it is to maintain the integrity of your home to optimize your wellbeing, health and wealth. My husband and I did home renovations a few years ago and we have a couple of missing sectors. With the knowledge I gained through the mastermind, I now understand why certain aspects of my life aren’t working properly and I am excited to dive deeper into finding remedies!”


  • If you are ready to rise with the Period 9 energy. The reset button is ready to be pushed
  • If you are willing to create changes and improvement in your existing home to receive spaciousness & flow
  • If you desire to call in your ‘future home’ with certainty and ease regardless it is buying or renting
  • If you are currently building, renovating or designing your home and wanting to start on a solid ground with Period 9 energy.  

This Mastermind Group is where we dive deep together. 

We do practical, strategy and problem solving. 

We also close off energy leaks and are ready to let go of control. 


You are here because you know it’s not just a strategy thing…
It's also an energy thing.

I am here to keep you safe, I am here to hold space for you as you travel, I am here to reflect the power that is already within you.